Do you have that passion that goes unfilled and eventually, when enough time passes, the gnawing dissatisfaction commences? Satisfaction is required! Mine is fly fishing. Yes, I can dream of the next time for awhile. Old pictures suffice for a time. Picking random dates in the future as possible outings seems great until those dates pass by as missed opportunities. So, now, I am drifting into that very antsy mind state of twitchy, itchy, distracted grumpiness. I need to fish!

Odd how this mind state often coincides with life’s blizzard of obligations, commitments and dutiful events…especially for me in June/July. Many birthdays, graduations, and very nagging tasks left undone. The truth, seems to me, not escapism from life’s stressors, as much as a graving for that joy of the outdoors, and especially wetting a line. 

Well, I thought I might feel better to write this, but I don’t.

The Man by Toon SB

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