Sometimes in life, the mind gets overloaded with all the tasks and demands. You realize this and focus the mind as if standing at the plate and wait for yet another fast ball. Finally, the mind is focused for that pitch and a curve ball comes zooming past making one stand there flat footed and looking foolish. Good life/baseball comparison hey?

flood vics carpet dry

Such was life yesterday, when I came home and noticed a new garden hose in front. My wife had wanted to by a new one. I noticed new flowers to be planted in the front yard and the existing flowers were well watered. The driveway was a bit wet and the area along the front of the lowered garage doors was still wet. She must have hosed things off a bit with the new hose.

Later, as we prepare to leave for our kid’s birthday party, my wife notes the still wet areas in front of the garage doors. “I thought you hosed that area off earlier?”….”No, I didn’t”   A thought occurs, a sinking feeling. Back into the house, into the garage and step down to then hear a squishy wet sound…that wet rug sound. Lights on and water everywhere.

Portland 1894…My Garage in Portland, 2013

Boxes and stuff stacked everywhere from the hoarding houses we have been emptying out for three years. The stuff of kids that have moved out, but store their stuff in the garage sat in the water. Only enough water to cover the two car garage floor a quarter inch, but certainly enough to wick up into every container. A curve ball…me standing there flat footed. Let’s to celebrate the birthdays.

Such is my day, as I finish this and head out to spend the day(s) emptying out the garage (memo to self: this is when you wish you had one of those obsessively clean garages one sees…You know, like if I could actually park both cars into the garage and then backed them out…all that room on that bare garage floor. Haven’t seen that since we moved in) and sorting the ruined from the salvageable. Clearing room to the water heater to replace it.

Sky tent created to keep campers dry and safe from bugs, Arizona, America - 07 Jun 2013
Keeping things high and dry…the Sky Tent (2) from Hammock Bliss

What I do know is my fishing gear in bags and boxes are high and dry. Some rod tubes may be setting in the water, but they will be ok. All the fly tying materials are in plastic bins or drawers and quite safe. Priorities