Birds 1 SwittersBWe decided to venture away from the demands of life today and check out a few places I had previously made mental notes to visit. First, there was a large nest atop pilings out in the Columbia River. My 300mm lens was not adequate for as close as I could get toward the birds. But, this cropped image gives you the idea.

From the Columbia River, we ventured south toward Wilsonville, Oregon. Along the I-5 Corridor is an old, rustic barn tucked amidst commercial/industrial development. For many years, I have viewed this barn as I drove southbound and always said, ‘Someday I need to stop and photograph that barn.’ I figured out how to access the road closest to the barn. I noted it was on Boones Ferry Road. A common name in the area, I wondered aloud for the first time ‘Who was Boone?’ Who knew…I had never previously thought to ask myself….very fascinating.

We found the ‘old’ barn (I have no historical data on the barn at this time) and I took what seemed interesting shots to me. I hope you enjoy them.

Vines Barn 3 SB

Gaps and Light SB

Old Vines SB

Bench Briar

Wall Vines 1 SB

Knot Hole SB

Vines Barn 2

On the way back North we stopped for another barn I had recently noticed to the South of Canby, Oregon. I took some photos there, for another day.