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Photography: Holy Shit Batman!

Quiet early evening, watching the Grandchildren play outside. My inquisitive, observant four y/o G-son alerts me to a Bat on the edge of the sidewalk near a shrub. Huh? Usually, I see bats flitting about at last light darting close and far. I have even hooked bats on lakes at last light as they probably tried to scarf my fly as it flitted by via my precise tailing loop.

So, I quickly walked over and saw the bat, apparently deceased. Well the fur on that bat looked a nice shade of reddish brown. This looked like a great photo op. I went back for the camera and returned to kneel down for some close ups. Snap, snap Roar!!!!! Holy Crap! 

Bat 1 SBBat2 SBWell now, some thoughts quickly moved to the forefront of my mind: could that bat latch on to my nose or left hand focusing the lens? With me on my knees and elbows and within inches could that bat fly down the back of my shirt? Such a loud roar for this creature! The wings fluttered and were obviously damaged. It continued to scoff at me like my annoyed cats. Holy Bat Nostrils!

Bat Teeth

Don’t think I didn’t give some thought to harvesting that Bat Fur for dubbing some flies. But, alas the Bat seemed none too well so I privately dispatched it to the Big Bat Cave in the Sky.


Fly Tying: Orange Crush Pupa

Orange Crush SB


Photography: Seaberry Tree Glows at Sunset

As the sun set last night, the Seaberry tree in our backyard seemed aglow. The berries are just emerging and barely visible. But, as the sunlight hit the tree the berries seemed to glow. We have never harvested the berries off the thorny Seaberry tree but the birds that linger through the Winter enjoy the bounty until the tree is picked clean.

Tree Glow Sunset SB

Tree Glow 2 SB

Tree Glowing 3


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