For several years, our life has been consumed by multiple challenges, particularly illnesses, passings and massive hoarding messes. These challenges in life have taught me that often amongst the chaos, the mess, there are little vignettes of beauty, of contrast that if only for a moment give one pause to savor something hiding amongst the mess.

Today, I purposely took my camera to one of our messes and at first centered on a mess here and there and then looked closer to see if I could find even one sign of something different and momentarily worthy of a photo. I found a few.

I will first share the larger mess image and then something within that is pleasant amongst the mess…a vignette image of something beautiful, funny…something that was of a better time, a more orderly time…something rustic…something peeking out from the untidy. Granted the hoarding messes are much more conquered now than they were, but it is that residual clutter that lingers. And, there today I found a few little vignettes. 

Part A
Mess 1
Part A 2
Mess 1, Vignette A
Part A 1 SB
Mess 1, Vignette B


Part B
Slight Mess 2
B Part 1 SB
Mess 2, Vignette A
Part B 2
Mess 2, Vignette B


Part C SB
Mess 3
C Fading Rose 1
Mess 3, Vignette A
Part C 2 SB
Mess 3, Vignette B


Part D SB
Mess 4
Part D 1
Mess 4, Vignette A
Part D 2 SB
Mess 4, Vignette B


Part G SB
Mess 5
Part G 1 SB
Mess 5, Vignette A


Part F SB
Mess 6
Part F 2 SB
Mess 6, Vignette A
Part F 3 SB
Mess 6, Vignette B
Part F 4 SB
Mess 6, Vignette C
Part F 1 SB
Mess 6, Vignette D


Part E
Mess 7
Part E 1
Mess 7, Vignette A
Part E 2 SB
Mess 7, Vignette B
Part E 3 SB
Mess 7, Vignette C


Mess 8
Mess 8
Part H 1
Mess 8, Vignette A
Part H 2 SB
Mess 8, Vignette B