Because you are no doubt dizzy or annoyed with the spinning lady, I had to post something to divert your attention and stop fretting about which side of your brain dominates.

SwittersB Deere HatWhen you don’t get to wet a line as much as you’d like, you quickly realize your individual need to be on the water. It has become quite clear for me that a form of discomfort sets in and time does not diminish the need to be out there solving the puzzles, seeking ‘the moment’. 

“There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a gentleness of spirit and a pure sincerity of mind.”  -Washington Irving-

Yes, all the competitiveness, the need to succeed, to catch that trophy, to validate the experimental fly patterns, to seek some legitimacy, the conflicting intensity all fades away when you can’t fish. What lingers, for me, is the craving for peace, intimacy, harmony, calm. As I approach the waters soon, it will be with a gentler frame of mind and I will be cognizant to keep the competing forces in the best harmony for me.

I imagine all hobbies, past times that hold our deep devotion are like this. For me it is fly fishing and my related hobbies of fly tying, photography, travel, research, writing and camping that give me that “gentleness of spirit”. And, I will never get tired of the beauty.

SwittersB Trout Paparazzi
Caught like a Paparazzi’s Prize Catch