At one time, in my parent’s basement, there was a large table with a hole cut out in the middle. I crawled beneath the table to stand in the middle and from there I ran my Lionel train set. Imagination reigned as the locomotive and the diesel engines pulled cars through villages, paper mache mountains and train yards. The heft of the cars, the details of each piece captured my mind.

To this day, whenever I see the tracks, or see the trains pulling freight or the more rare passenger cars I take notice. Of course, today most train cars are covered in graffiti and my basement experiences are a very distant memory. Still I sometimes see that provocative sight.

Old Rail Car in Field SB

There this old passenger coach sat in a field some distance off the road. The field had just been mowed so the car was visible top to bottom. It appears to be under of restoration. I took a closer look.old coach

Curved Roof Supports SB

Left Interior Wall Rail Car SB

Inside Old Rail Car SB

Rear Exit SB

I would bet someone else has childhood memories of trains and now they have a vision of returning this old railway car back to its original condition. Maybe for a restaurant, lounge, not sure, but it will be interesting to check out in a few years.