In the keep it light and off beat, I offer up Powel Crosley Jr. and refrigerator doors and radios. Yeserday, over on Hoarding Woes, I shared some pics of an old Crosley radio we uncovered. The followup research of the old, still working radio, revealed it was distributed in 1941 and manufactured by Crosley Radios. I did some digging and found an extensive bio on the founder of the company, Powel Crosley Jr.

“During the early 1920s, his young son asked for a radio, then a new item. Crosley was shocked at the prices for such a “toy” at a local department store, all of which were priced in excess of $100. Instead, he purchased a booklet titled “The A.B.C. of Radio,” and he and his son built their own radio.

He recognized the appeal of radio almost immediately, and soon he was manufacturing radio components. Soon his company was manufacturing radios. He hired two University of Cincinnati co-op students to help design a set he named the “Harko.” By 1924, Crosley Radio Corporation was the largest radio manufacturer in the world.”

Crowley POD contentsOk, here is one of those fascinating, at least to me, tidbits that I find intriguing about inventors. Powel Crosley was also the inventor of racks/shelving for refrigerator doors!!!! Yes, you can thank Powel for all that crap you have setting on your refrigerator door!

Take a good look at the ad and note the radio built into the refrigerator too!

Read about Powell Crosley in the above link. What an innovative mind. A thinker, a creator, a do’er.

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