Forest Park Burgers SB

Picnic and Ivy SB

No Pee SB

A very vintage sign with a neon touch, from long ago, at the Forest Park Burgers site on NW Skyline. Shut down for decades, the sign shows that wear that adds to its charm of old. Once a destination to escape the confines of Portland, the spot has long been closed down and forgotten, overshadowed by all the trendy eateries of Portland. The picnic tables are being over come by the ivy that unfortunately invaded Forest Park long ago from nearby gardeners that introduced the vegetation.

The don’t pee here admonition was nailed to the wall in a somewhat remote spot where someone might sneak to for immediate relief. 

I noticed the neon burger sign has been photographed by quite a few others, so I am glad my eye saw the potential. I was in the area searching for an old cemetery, which I have yet to find. Still looking.