deschutes sb-001
Deschutes River dropping down into Maupin, Oregon. The whole phrase…’dropping down into’ is full of anticipation for the person approaching a canyon.

So, an exercise in multi-planning: October Caddis, BWO’s (Blue Winged Olives), Mohagony Duns OR Steelhead into the mainstem below the Locked Gate. Trout rod and Spey rod. I am going with others that rarely fly fish…one from Minnesota. Do I fish or do I mentor? A little of both no doubt. Visuals, smells, sounds, a pulse onto its own. Take it in and keep it mellow.

October Caddsi-Deschutes River (SwittersB)
An October Caddis on the Deschutes R.

Outcomes and The Moment

Trout D SB