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Nature: Squirrels Protecting the Hole in the Wall

Squirrel SentinelsPhotography: I came upon these 3 vigilant squirrels along a twenty yard piece of shoreline. Their eyes were not focused upon me. They were looking to my left. They were frozen. I took the shots and nary an ear twitched. Perhaps it was something alarming them from my left, or it was me and an ‘if we don’t move, he won’t see us and our hole in the wall’. These were fat, bushy grey squirrels.

For me, the lack of motion and the stillness in the air was intriguing. They seemed to sense something that I was oblivious to. Oh, perhaps it was my wife hung up on an invisible snag for the third time?


Photography: It Was A Bad Year……………..

Can U Imagine SB

When I stroll through a pioneer cemetery, I am struck by varied images, thoughts. I notice the older, worn grave markers. I see those that were born in the early 1800’s and think of their departures/journey to get to this part of Oregon. I notice the children that passed, often in close time span and imagine the grief and permanent scars. Such was the case with this grave marker. The Dufur Family endured a rough Fall in 1882.

Dufur, Oregon: “The name was originally Fifteenmile Crossing, but with the establishment of a post office in 1878, the name was changed to Dufur. The town was named for the DuFour family, who emigrated from France and settled in Wasco County in 1872. A.J. and Enoch DuFour bought land and began raising sheep. The brothers operated Fifteenmile House, and the community grew…”

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