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Photography: Input, Advice…the Eye

Everybody is an expert

My wife offering her input on what, in her estimation and trained eye, would make for a good shot.

Photography seems like an individual pursuit. Factor in your wife, who has taken up photography, plus for now share one camera/lens and you have an interesting dynamic of input re composition and image selection.

gate SB

Well it turned out ok, I spose. I was going to take this shot anyway, but with input  from a team member in the field it seems doubly successful.

Me Trout Berries Bucky

Now with the above shot my wife, Mary Jo, took this great shot. Now I would have thought that me + beautiful Rainbow Trout was an adequate image, but my wife insisted on the red berried bush off my left shoulder. Well, it was not just enough to hoist and grin. Now, I had to position myself against the Fall colors of the berries against waves and wind! I am going to have to sort out this new hobby thing with my wife! Caught/Released


Photography: At First Blush……….

First Blush SBThis image means many things to me: a beautiful rainbow trout…a fly, I tied, seduced this fish…the gill plate pops its gorgeous pinkish-red…the fish put up a noble fight with airborne leaps and runs…how much my rod bent and my wrist ached…the tail slap and spray of water in my face as I released her back into the icy water…and that I was able to capture this image with my little Pentax Optio W-60 while the fish laid motionless for an instant (the primary recorder of such events…my wife…was off photographing some shore side flowers).

For some this image is a tortuous abuse…or just a slab of meat…or a clinical eye takes in the  exposure and composition. For me it is a moment of reverence and synergy that bathes my mind and soul. The Moment. Caught/Released

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