I like to debrief my recollections after a fly fishing outing re what worked and maybe why it worked. I consider the presentation, locations, fly patterns and over all conditions to start with. Recently, I had tried an old fly pattern, the Renegade, and had such great success with it (albeit sans the hook point) that it made me consider another recent success with an old standby, the Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear.

My wife likes to pull and twitch along with her favorite, the Minnow Bugger, which I have highlighted here before. But recently that pattern just was not producing the usual takes. I suggested a smaller nymph and for whatever reason was drawn to the Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear (GRHE) in my box and offered it up to her as a choice worth exploring with. 

Truth be told, I have not used this pattern much the last few years, especially on lakes. This use to be a go to pattern, but alas there are so many patterns now to choose from the GRHE has faded a bit as experimentation pushes creative pattern after pattern into our view for consideration.

Well, my wife had considerable luck over several days with the Hare’s Ear pattern. She fished it with and without the bead head. I would say she had most success with the original style…no bead, but both produced for her. Fun to rediscover an ‘old pattern’ and realize they work just like they did 20+ years ago. All fish Caught/Released


old hare's ear nymph SB
This fly had been used and tucked away several times over the years. The fly produced, even if tattered.

How to Tutorial on Vimeo by Tim