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Photography: Saving Leapy the Frog, Again……..

Oh, the measurements of life and death can be so infinitesimal and often not seen. The other morning, the air was quite chilly, in the 30’s. So, I decided a fire was in order to take the chill off. First the kindling, then the tinder, then the very dry, seasoned wood for a popping, crackling, smell good time.

sgorneau flame

Oh, the warmth of that morning fire that takes the edge off the chill.

I went to the wood pile and removed the top few pieces that looked suitable for making kindling. As I pulled the pieces away, I noticed a very sawdust covered splotch atop the next piece down. I thought it ever so slightly moved. Yes, it did move or pulse! A mouse? A what? So covered in sawdust, it was hard to tell. I scraped the creature into my left hand and then set it down on a bench.

Leapy SB1

I scraped away the gunk and fluff. And there sat Leapy the Frog (It is a long story of my children traumatized by Dad returning ‘Leapy’ the Frog back to the lake side vegetation rather than taking him home from a camping trip). I grabbed my nearby camera and snapped a few blurry shots and then I once again returned Leapy the Frog to the wet, boggy environment of the lake side.

Leapy SwittersB

Lucky Leapy the Frog (SwittersB)


Photography: Shedding Light……….

old ceiling light SB

Some of you may know, my wife and I recently concluded a long journey of cleaning up, with the amazing help of family and friends, two hoarding homes over five years that belonged to my dear departed Mom and Aunt.

Often at the conclusion of such efforts there is an estate sale for the remaining, salvageable valuables. I have come to learn that everything goes, including all the ceiling lights. We marked this one ‘NFS’ (not for sale) and indeed it was one of just two remaining lights. With but one bulb working, the lamp gave off just enough light to show the beauty of the old light fixture.


Video: Tying in a Parachute Post for Dry Flies

Alan Gardner has a pleasant video here on how to tie in a synthetic parachute post for the construction of a parachute dry fly pattern. Caleb Boyle also provides some useful tips on constructing a parachute post. Also, see comments section and Tim Rolston’s excellent suggestions too! This is how we learn.

Spumoni SB

The Spumoni Dry Fly with the hot pink and yellow and white synthetic materials combined to form the parachute post. The hot post colors aid in siting the fly.


Fly Fishing: Midge Hatches Year ’round

midge rustic SwittersB

Midge Emerger Pattern

Some good, basic information on Midge Fishing year around by Tom Rosenbauer @ Orvis. Trout sipping at a frequent pace just below the surface does increase ones opportunities for hookups.

Trout Brace Sb:B

Trout caught on Midge Emerger (Released)

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