Oh, the measurements of life and death can be so infinitesimal and often not seen. The other morning, the air was quite chilly, in the 30’s. So, I decided a fire was in order to take the chill off. First the kindling, then the tinder, then the very dry, seasoned wood for a popping, crackling, smell good time.

sgorneau flame
Oh, the warmth of that morning fire that takes the edge off the chill.

I went to the wood pile and removed the top few pieces that looked suitable for making kindling. As I pulled the pieces away, I noticed a very sawdust covered splotch atop the next piece down. I thought it ever so slightly moved. Yes, it did move or pulse! A mouse? A what? So covered in sawdust, it was hard to tell. I scraped the creature into my left hand and then set it down on a bench.

Leapy SB1

I scraped away the gunk and fluff. And there sat Leapy the Frog (It is a long story of my children traumatized by Dad returning ‘Leapy’ the Frog back to the lake side vegetation rather than taking him home from a camping trip). I grabbed my nearby camera and snapped a few blurry shots and then I once again returned Leapy the Frog to the wet, boggy environment of the lake side.

Leapy SwittersB
Lucky Leapy the Frog (SwittersB)