Mt. Hood Late SwittersB
Mt. Hood (Oregon) late in the day

I was doing research re Nature here and there. I was trying to come up with something unique, interesting and thought provoking. I read about Death by Prolific Sex amongst Rodents; Aquaculture in Norway and new concerns over unexplained stains in the meat; there were new weeds cropping up in the mid-west out of the South (Palmer amaranth), and other pieces about sea creatures, earthquakes and lions disappearing somewhere in Africa. None of it really grabbed me.

So, I thought I will simply recount what I see and hear out my open back window at 5:45pm on a Saturday early evening: The Sapsucker that troubled my tree last Winter has returned; I can hear other birds chirping in the distance; there is a gentle falling of orange and yellow leaves from Maples and Alders into the wetland out back; there is nary a breeze blowing as the leaves fall; Penny the Cat is chortling over the Hummingbirds that are visiting the mostly empty feeders (better get them filled); I can hear a freight train in the distance; the temperature is 57 degrees (13 Celsius); the roses and ferns need a final pruning; the grass may not be mowed again this Fall. It really is a lovely evening and much better to contemplate this evening than all the sky is falling news out there.

one seed took hold Bucky
A single seed took hold……