SB Bent Rod toon BuckySwittersB & Fly Fishing is a…well obviously…a fly fishing blog. I notice that when I post re fly fishing, fly tying and such there is just not the enthusiasm for the photos (photography/nature) that there is when I take say a photo of a tree, a rock, a cloud. Hmmm?

That frankly baffles me and I try to reconcile it according to what I imagine your tastes are, your pursuits. But, try as I might, I just don’t understand why you don’t get as excited over the beauty of a Rainbow Trout as much as a tree. Come on Photography~Nature Lovers…love the Fish (and the Fly Fishers). 🙂

I love both, but really there is such beauty and grace in the fish we photograph. Where’s the love folks? These aren’t just slabs of meat with lemon slices. These are beautiful, sometimes powerful adversaries that are sought, seduced, admired and released back into beautiful environs. Come on folks show your love!

TRout head hold swittersB

trout bead head prince B

Admiration….She’s showing “Like” style admiration!!