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Columbia River Gorge (Oregon Side in the Fall)

Rock Face Columnar SwittersBPhotography-Columnar-Basalt-Columbia River Gorge-Oregon-Geology-SwittersB-Nature-Fall Colors


Photography & Video: Fishing Platforms, Celilo Falls & The Dalles Dam

Photography-Video-Celilo Falls-Native Americans-Dip Nets-Platforms-History-The Dalles Dam-Salmon-Culture-Village-Flooded

Dip Net Platform SwittersB

A dip net platform perched above a rainy, wind blown channel on the Columbia River. It set below The Dalles Dam, near the old village of Lone Pine Tree. Double Click Image for details out on that platform!

Dalles Dam SwittersB

The Dalles Dam below the submerged Celilo Falls/Village. This shot was taken standing in the remnants of the Lone Pine Tree Village.

Short Video on the history of Celilo Falls (Oregon)


Celilo Falls was approximately 13 miles upriver from the constructed The Dalles Dam. The floodgates were closed and the falls were flooded along with the tribal heritage and the cultural magnet.


Hearing Voices & Sanity

Little Voice swittersb

Middle aged is that perplexing time of life

when we hear two voices calling us, 

one says “Why not?” the other says

“Why bother?’

(Sydney J. Harris)

At the end of the day, sleep is a barometer of your emotional health. And so if you’re not in the right place where you need to be, then you’re going to have voices keeping you up at night because you have to work through those issues.

(Mehmet Oz)

“Solitude is such a potential thing. We hear voices in solitude, we never hear in the hurry and turmoil of life; we receive counsels and comforts, we get under no other condition . . .”

(Amerlia E. Barr)


Final Trout: Time to Reflect

Photography-Trout-Fly Fishing-Images-Summary-Planning-Preparation

Final Trout SwittersB BuckyFor many the trout season has just closed. Some of us have streams open all year, but for many the season has just closed. This is a good time to reflect upon your successes, your shortcomings, your planning, your gear, your skills and what you might want to do through the Winter months to prepare for the season opener next Spring.

bow net bugger Bucky SwittersB I might suggest the following: stow your gear away in an orderly manner so next Spring you don’t have to search for the primary items. Make a checklist of all items needed and put it in your gear bag on top for next year. Cleanup those fly boxes and take inventory of what is left. What worked? Do you need more of that successful fly pattern? What broke and needs repairing now? Tears, ruptures, breaks and leaks should be fixed now. Now is a good time to check out local fly shops and community colleges for scheduled fly tying classes. What items should be on your holiday gift list? Yes, some of us will venture forth into those open waters this Winter or brave the elements to chase Steelhead. But, if you don’t, make the effort to tidy up now for next year.

speckled beauty Bucky

In the meantime, we will day dream of what was and imagine next year’s possibilities. All Trout Caught/Released


The Stream’s Feathery Descent………..

feathery water SwittersB 1

feathery water swittersb 2

feathery water swittersb 3

feathery water swittersb 4

feathery water swittersb 5

I chatter over stony ways,

In little sharps and trebles,

I bubble into eddying bays, 

I babble on the pebbles.


With many a curve my banks I fret

By many a field and fallow, 

And many a fairy foreland set

With willow-weed and mallow


I chatter, chatter, as I flow

To join the brimming river,

For men may come and men may go,

But I go on for ever.

(The Brook; Alfred, Lord Tennyson)


Photography: The Sky Ever Changing……

Yesterday, we drove up the Columbia River Gorge. We often remark how we take this natural wonder for granted until we head east and once again note the beauty. The weather was ever changing, the clouds in the sky were ever changing. Heavy rains, high winds, dramatic temperature swings made getting out of the car an adventure in itself. The sky changed on and on. By the time I could park and get out of the car, the once amazing shot had transformed in seconds. But, a few lingered just long enough for a snap.

sly light

This was a magical, biblical sky with multiple rays shining down brightly through the opening in the clouds. Once I parked and got out, the rays, save one, had changed. I took what was offered in the moment.

An opening

This aptly portrays the layers of clouds and light. The earth smothered into darkness and a peek toward the heavens.

Parting Way swittersb

I was trying to come up with some meaningful comment regard this parting of the storm clouds, but decided it speaks for itself as all beautiful images do.


Photography: Lean Too………

Tilt Building SwittersBAs Winter approaches with heavy winds, snow and ice just how much more can these old timbers take before the weight forces the structure over. The missing roof no doubt helps reduce some of the burden. Photographing old, weathered boards and structures resonates in me. The beauty of the grain, the weathered appearance are pleasing. But, beneath that is the historical & human questions of who, when, how, why etc. that always are there. I like that.

Lean Too 3

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