Yesterday, we drove up the Columbia River Gorge. We often remark how we take this natural wonder for granted until we head east and once again note the beauty. The weather was ever changing, the clouds in the sky were ever changing. Heavy rains, high winds, dramatic temperature swings made getting out of the car an adventure in itself. The sky changed on and on. By the time I could park and get out of the car, the once amazing shot had transformed in seconds. But, a few lingered just long enough for a snap.

sly light
This was a magical, biblical sky with multiple rays shining down brightly through the opening in the clouds. Once I parked and got out, the rays, save one, had changed. I took what was offered in the moment.
An opening
This aptly portrays the layers of clouds and light. The earth smothered into darkness and a peek toward the heavens.
Parting Way swittersb
I was trying to come up with some meaningful comment regard this parting of the storm clouds, but decided it speaks for itself as all beautiful images do.