Images of the newest, touted better, innovations in many hobbies (to include photography & fly fishing) sway us to keep looking for the ‘magic bullet’ to improve our performance or outcomes. This is particularly true in fly tying.

~SB~swittersbThere is the fly fishing blogging world’s often used expression of ‘fish porn’; ‘sexy’ images of beautiful fish that stir the mind, the juices, the body to go forth and seek the same pleasures. ‘Fly Porn’ exists although it is less acknowledged. Photography, macro work, combines when done well to seduce us into finding that magic fly, that irresistible creation, that will entice the fish and perhaps lead to ‘The Moment’ when it all comes together.

Looking for the magic list of must have fly patterns..the top 10 if you will is pointless. There are too many possibilities today compared to 20 years ago. The ‘net, the explosion of knowledge and new fly tying materials have caused a gazillion patterns to emerge…so to speak. 

fly collage SWITTERSBWe all do this to some degree. I give more weight, in my mental assessments, to a fly pattern that is depicted with crisp macro goodness. The details are there. The magic of the materials pop…the imagination is engaged. All fine and part of the enjoyment.

The ‘but’ or ‘however’ here is one should couple that chase for the magic fly with equally detailed passion for entomology, habitat, location, presentations and retrieves. Imagination or visualization are all part of the magic of combining fly, presentation and location. Settle upon basic patterns for larva, pupa, emergers and adults as they relate to Caddis, Mayfly, Stonefly, Chironomids, Terrestrials, Damsels and Dragons and assorted other creatures that fish consume and then master where to those food sources hold and how do they behave (move).