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Companions: Do They Have a Place in the Outdoors?

Today, as I was reclined in my dentist’s chair, mouth agape, staring at the bright light and clutching my hands together, I listened to my dentist describe a recent four day float down the John Day River with friends and guides in pursuit of steelhead. He was giddy while probing my teeth.

He described his successful steelhead trip, the not so bad weather, the scenery and the camaraderie of his friends, the camp fires and stories. He was “ready to go again.” As I listened to him describe the adventure, I was struck by the smile on his face, the tone of his voice and his intent to soon plan another trip with his companions.

Fish Hard Cap Bucky

Hat by Deneki Outdoors, Modeled by SwittersB

Early this morning, before the dentist, I had enjoyed reading about a similar experience by John over at bibio55 Trout Fishing. There John described an end of season fly fishing outing with his good friends. Again, the tone was one of satisfaction and fond memories while fishing, visiting, dining and imbibing with good friends, and a warm fire.

I have always had a push/pull dynamic with fly fishing and company. On the one hand solitude and contemplation reign most supreme in my psyche while outdoors. On the other hand, I have often found myself alone, thinking, “this would be so cool to share right now”.

I find it hard to visit while fishing. That aside, self recrimination creeps in though…”lighten up” “there’s more to this moment than just fishing”. On and on it goes, until I am in the midst of good company, a relaxed mind and fine food and beverages…maybe a cigar or a briar.

Olive Back Bucky SB

Then the focus, the clarity comes easily and the company of close companions brings life’s priorities into focus. Besides who is going to witness that momentous fish you hook, take those pictures of you and show compassion when your stumble, trip and fall. There is something to be said for friendships honed over time, new acquaintances, and shared memories. 


Art: Back Hallway Discovery @ Liberty High School

You probably know I don’t delve into art around SwittersB & Fly Fishing. Photography and a smattering of poetry are about as close as I get to the arts. Last week I was at the State of Oregon volleyball championship game, which was held at Liberty High School in Hillsboro, Oregon…just West of Portland.

After the game, I was wandering down a school hallway and came upon dozens of pieces of student art that were posted on the wall. It was eye catching and to me special. I have zero talent when it comes to art. My youngest son, Tony, is quite talented that way. So, these young artists from Liberty High were quite talented in my estimation. My wife and grand daughter were most impressed too.

When one imagines the thousands of schools from far flung places that perhaps encourage the arts and student expressions, I can only imagine how many eye catching pieces by talented students that are out there. Nice.

The pieces were not signed as far as I could see. But I thought I would present a small collage of just a few of the pieces mounted in a hallway I was lucky enough to enter.

Liberty High School

liberty high art.jpg

I am sorry this sort of presentation doesn’t really do justice to the efforts, but click on the collage to enlarge. (SwittersB)



OMSI: Paying Homage to Tin Cans………..


OMSI is home to the U.S. Navy’s last non-nuclear, fast-attack submarine, the USS Blueback (SS-581)! The Blueback was the first battle-ready class of submarines to use the teardrop hull. It was in official operation throughout the Pacific Ocean for 31 years. The USS Blueback served in the entertainment industry too! It appeared in the hit movie The Hunt for Red October and an episode of Hawaii Five-O ” (more)Sub Plaque SB

sbProp Sub

Seems a little odd to have a submarine tendered in downtown Portland. But, interesting none the less. Each June, river levels and budgets permitting, naval ships pass the bar of the Columbia River, head upriver to the Willamette River and then to Portland, Oregon for the Rose Festival event. So, the submarine is not that unusual, I suppose.


Big Fish Eat Little Fish………..

I have, along the way, brought attention to streamer patterns that imitate assorted smaller fish in the water and to the fact that big fish are quite predacious toward little fish.

big little

The below photo at THE BUG PARADE speaks volumes toward the gluttony of aggressive, big fish. Check out her site for some very nice photography of nature and fish.

Bug Parade Big Little

The Bug Parade Image

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