You probably know I don’t delve into art around SwittersB & Fly Fishing. Photography and a smattering of poetry are about as close as I get to the arts. Last week I was at the State of Oregon volleyball championship game, which was held at Liberty High School in Hillsboro, Oregon…just West of Portland.

After the game, I was wandering down a school hallway and came upon dozens of pieces of student art that were posted on the wall. It was eye catching and to me special. I have zero talent when it comes to art. My youngest son, Tony, is quite talented that way. So, these young artists from Liberty High were quite talented in my estimation. My wife and grand daughter were most impressed too.

When one imagines the thousands of schools from far flung places that perhaps encourage the arts and student expressions, I can only imagine how many eye catching pieces by talented students that are out there. Nice.

The pieces were not signed as far as I could see. But I thought I would present a small collage of just a few of the pieces mounted in a hallway I was lucky enough to enter.

Liberty High School

liberty high art.jpg
I am sorry this sort of presentation doesn’t really do justice to the efforts, but click on the collage to enlarge. (SwittersB)