I have four children (3 boys, 1 girl), who are adults now. So, I have observed their changes in time as they grew up and transformed along the way. Suddenly they were grown and out the door. And one pauses to catch up to the realities of how old they are and, of course, how old I am. But, it seems we often consider these realities after the passage of time…looking back.

maddox sbMaddox

The other night, I was watching my grand daughter, Desi (almost 10 y/o), in a volleyball tournament. Her brother, Maddox, is always there playing about, absorbed in all manner of distractions, but not watching the games. He is a busy, energetic little boy that seeks attention and gives love and moves in and out of the my mind’s focus. So when I took this image, and looked at it, I was suddenly captivated by his eyes.

He suddenly doesn’t look like a baby eyed 4 y/0. His eyes looked older and dare I say beautiful. My mind flitted ahead ten, twenty years. Bittersweet to consider the changes that will come. So, in the moment, I will look closer and take in the love and joy.