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The Bench & The View: Seasons Change

Wall Bench Leaves SB

A View From The Park Bench

Upon this old familiar bench
From which I’ve spent a time or two, 
Just gazing at the sky above
And watching chestnut trees, 
Which change throughout the seasons
Now their copper leaves do fall, 
Which gather on this stony path
And tossed upon the breeze.

For scattered far across the field
And through the air with random flee, 
From every bough it seems to pluck
Until each one is bare, 
Now soon the winter shall be here
With icy chills the frosts and snow, 
When I’ll not stop but carry on
And find no comfort there.

(Entire Poem by Andrew Blakemore)


Technology & Mapping: Awesome Imagery!

Portland Map Age HomesThis is a cool site that is somewhat interactive. It shows various cities around the world. I include my home town, Portland, Oregon (USA). The top map shows homes older than 1880 and up to present construction. The next pic is my neighborhood. Using this interactive site requires you know something about your city overlay as the roads are not labeled. 

Home Area PortlandI came by this at Map Lab and then to Lab Rat Revenge

“When Justin Palmer stumbled across a dataset that included the year nearly every building in the Portland metro area was built, he was curious how old the buildings on his block are. Instead of just searching the data for his neighbors’ addresses, he made the beautiful map above.”

“He posted the map on his website, and it soon caught the eye of other mapmakers. Just a few days later, Thomas Rhiel published a similar map of Brooklyn, spurred by New York City’s release of a huge dataset known as PLUTO. Pretty soon, more maps began popping up. Soon there was a map of all of New York City, one of Reykjavik, Iceland, and one of Ljubljana, Slovenia, each with its own amazing colors, patterns and stories.”

Learn Along With Us How to Make a Map of Building Ages

“These maps make more than just pretty pictures. Palmer learned from his map that Portland’s oldest building identifiable by name was built in 1851. Only 942 structures are left from the 1890s while 75,434 built in the 1990s are still standing. Palmer graphed the steep and steady decline of new buildings since 2005.”

It is a little confusing to negotiate at first but interesting to explore. Give it a try…especially you well traveled folks.


Photography: Fall’s Spectrum

Hvy Grain Wood Doors Leaves SB

Row Leavesx SwittersB

Leaves Sidewalk SwittersB

Horse Ring Curb Leaves SwittersB


Photography: Snowed In…………

dense snow swittersb12 08It has been five years since we had a significant snow fall in Portland, Oregon. We are due. This photograph from December 2008 was from the last heavy show fall we had. The snow against the few remaining orange berries on the Russian Sea Berry Tree is a pleasant contrast.

Morning Snow SwittersBThis was in the morning that year. It continued to snow quite a bit more the next several days. The East wind down the Columbia Gorge makes for more drifting snow than for straight down, snow fall accumulations in my neighborhood.

fish bench snow SBI for one love snow. I know, I know…”You wouldn’t like snow if you had to dig out for the next three months”. But, on the rare occasions that we get enough to shut down the doesn’t take much around here..I like the beauty. We are blessed here in the Portland area with the Cascade Mountain Range, so snow is readily available should I have the urge to fall down and make a snow angel at my age. Maybe the grand kids would be better suited for that. 

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