Ranch Dog Hello SwittersBA Border Collie, on a ranch in Southern Oregon, visiting with me.

I have dogs (and cats) and like most of you, I think my critters often display signs of intelligence beyond the normal obeying commands and intuitive responses. I was looking at this past photo taken of me with a ranch dog. The pup was very attentive. I decided to do a little research on Border Collies to go with the photo and found it interesting:

“Ranked number one in Stanley Coren’s  The Intelligence of Dogs and typically extremely energetic, acrobatic, smart and athletic, they frequently compete with great success in dog sports, in addition to their success in sheepdog trials and are often cited as the most intelligent of all dogs. In January 2011, a Border Collie was reported to have learned 1,022 words and…”actions in response to those words.

This past Thanksgiving Day, I was out on a family farm and they have two Border Collies. While outside, each dog brought me semi-deflated basketballs, plopped them before me and backed away. Over the next several minutes, I attempted to kick the balls past the dogs. It was almost impossible to fake out the dogs and kick the balls past them. Their responses to my feeble attempts at physical deception and power were lightning fast and sure.

two-o-clockNow that said, I don’t know if the intelligence of Border Collies extends to telling time. My Lab, Emma Louise, can tell time, I have no doubts. Standard time or daylight savings time, she knows when to ring the dinner bell (0600 hrs and 1400 hrs) give or take a few minutes.

Emma Louise SwittersB