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Photography: Beautiful Curves

Pink Panther JH SwittersB

Oh my, I hope some of you weren’t looking or something different? Before you leave though, admit that the curves of this hook and the enticing flare of the hackle lends itself a seductive quality that is not only pleasing to the tier, the fly fisher, but also the powerful Steelhead.

The Pink Panther (Jack Hagan, Portland, Oregon Pattern) here was tied on an Alex Jackson Spey Hook (Daiichi 2052 nickel). The Edge Bright abdomen positively glows. Dyed Guinea Fowl hackle lends color to the thorax area. A beautiful Steelhead pattern. Attraction, Excitation to provoke a response.


Photography: Just Another Sunrise…………..

So many ways to look at that. I recall a T-shirt in Mejico with the wording: ‘Just another sunset in paradise”. Same thing could be said for sunrises. They aren’t usually as eye catching in my area (in others with a vista they probably are).

This morning, the blinds were drawn. I was up letting the dogs out the back door, when I noticed the front of the house was lit up through the blinds with a bright glow. I peeked out the blinds and saw a most brilliant sunrise in progress.

I dallied putting my camera together and ventured out into 15 degrees. By now (one minute) the sky had changed to slightly less dramatic. Nonetheless, I took some shots out across the neighbor’s house. The sky transformed before my eyes as the sun rose and the wind blew the clouds. Finally, I felt the cold penetrate. 

Just another sunrise on earth. Alive, somewhat healthy and blessed to enjoy it.

Sunrise Collage SwittersB

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