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Life: Taking a Woman Fly Fishing…………

Now, I could have categorized this under Outdoors, Fly Fishing, Sports, Photography, Mental Health or Nature to name but a few categories that might fit. But, I chose Life. Because, fly fishing, amongst many other outdoor pursuits lends itself to many positive outcomes that enhance relationships and self.

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Over the many years that I have been fishing, and particularly fly fishing (50+ years), I have had the pleasure to fish with family and friends, male and female, young and old. For me, it has always provided a means to share, teach, grow in patience, set someone on a course to individually enjoy the past time of fly fishing. It is very rewarding.

For some reason, the concept of fishing with a woman is often nixed by men. Why is that? Perceived incompetency…a male only predilection…hanging with the guys only…a machismo perception of the sport??? I don’t think it is often the above biases that preclude men from inviting a woman to fly fish and share the joy of the past time.

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Now you can come across certain studies that suggest a possible mental clash of sorts, but such generalizations are very touchy subjects these days. Now, I have noticed, with my own personal experiences, that my wife a woman can visit quite a bit and that they do like to talk to the fish before they hook them, as they fight them, land them, admire them and release them. 

earplugsxNow admit it men, you silently do much of the same things, maybe even throwing out a muffled “come on baby, easy, easy, yeah!’

Somewhere there are word meters that chart the amounts of word usage in a given day by men and women. If you have one, don’t take it with you on an outing with a woman…just sayin’. Trout Caught & Safely Released

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