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Nude Fly Fishing: Ray Troll’s Helpful Reminder

I am not trying to start a theme here, given yesterday’s condom post. But, I notice almost everyday I see queries at SwittersB & Fly Fishing for ‘nude fly fishing’. Now admittedly over the years, SwittersB use to post some more provocative ladies here at SwittersB. But not in some time. I queried Google for ‘swittersb nude fly fishing’ and came up with nothing. So, some how SwittersB must provide that care free perception of nudity dare I say coupled with fly fishing.

However, I am reminded of a T-Shirt designed long ago by Alaskan artist Ray Troll. It has always been my guiding reminder about the angle of the dangle so to speak.

The-Perils-of-Nude-Flyfishing-MagnetIf you have never seen Ray Troll’s work, give it a look over. His drawings are fun and so imaginative. His TShirts have been around for a good many years. His artwork beyond the T’s is very enjoyable.

I mean I understand the combination of communing with the outdoors, heat, privacy, hormones and getting a little color. If you do intend to fly fishing buck naked, I do suggest that you smash down the barb on the fly for an easy release of…well whatever you might hook.

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