From my recollections in the Pacific NW over many years (65+ some), a cold East wind down the Columbia River Gorge (commonly called ‘the Gorge’) is a precursor to snow and/or freezing rain. This year the forecasts don’t show any moisture on the horizon. So as my snow loving/paralyze the city wife likes to say “we are getting ripped off” this year for a Winter storm. But, the wind is howling. How do I know this beyond the wise weather gurus that write about such things?

For years, we have had what we call the “gonger” that only gongs when the East/Northeast wind blows hard. Southerly/Westerly winds don’t make a peep. Tonight the “gonger” is loud and boisterous.

The Gonger SBYes, the weather buffs have their wind gages and networks to report the cold wind coming down the Gorge. Unfortunately, the moisture is not likely for a paralyzing Winter event. I will miss the news kids standing at the mouth of the Gorge reporting upon the NW equivalent of a hurricane, wild land fire, earthquake, flood, etc. etc. etc. 

Wind SBI mean that is pretty strong winds today. Add moisture and you have the once every few years of calamity in Portlandia. Not to be this year….”ripped off”.