Outdoor/Cold Weather Survival: Mitigate the Risks

At Traditional Mountaineering (an excellent resource to search through) they note that mountaineering is inherently risky/dangerous and one can only mitigate the risks. I think much of the outdoor pursuits have risks and we muddle along in those pursuits with some vague sense of ‘survival’ plan because we are close to the rig or we are with someone.


With the extreme cold temps gripping the NE U.S. and elsewhere, a stranded vehicle scenario should give rise to a bunch of what if’s. Do you really have a plan for a long term, stuck in the car event? The space blanket piece at Traditional Mountaineering got me to thinking about such a plan. It doesn’t take being stuck in sub zero temps to need such a plan. 

car snow

Truly give some thought to an in-vehicle survival/comfort kit and also think of what you should carry on your back when trudging off into the woods to fish, hike, snow shoe, photograph, etc. The space blanket gives a false sense of security…do you in general have false sense of security with your outdoor survival plans?

snow rig

Traditional Mountaineering/Index is an excellent site to search through re mountaineering issues and incidents in Oregon (and beyond). There is much to learn here that can be borrowed for the non-climbing outdoor enthusiast or stranded motorist.

5 Responses to “Outdoor/Cold Weather Survival: Mitigate the Risks”

  1. 1 Al
    January 30, 2014 at 04:36

    Reblogged this on Self Reliance.


  2. 2 craig
    January 23, 2014 at 06:29

    Click to access winter_survival.pdf

    is one of the better publications floating around on the net.

    almost every state that gets cold has some version of it.

    everyone has their favorite nugget of advice…mine is: have a full fuel tank. your options expand from there.

    when i actually worked for a living i kept a bag in the truck that had food, fire, a paperback and a deck of cards.
    warmth came from the carhartts i had anyway. working in areas where radios couldn’t get out (later cellphones) it could be a long wait for a maintainer to come by.


  3. January 22, 2014 at 11:50

    I still follow the motto “Be Prepared”…a few examples…the right clothing and footwear, water, a real blanket and high energy snacks are always a good thing to have with you in the vehicle in inclement weather.


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