wetland aerial SwittersB
A small section of wetland just South of the Columbia River off the Scenic Highway. Here it is lush green during the early Summer.

Below are three images I shot from the right toward the left this Winter…brown and somewhat lower in water levels. Game trails cross over the railroad tracks and scenic highway on the South side. 

Wetland SB1

W1 Nia
Lovely Nia was so kind to offer to take my photos and give them a different, fresh appearance.


W2 Nia
Photography of Nia

wetland3SBOneonta-Horsetail Creek Salmon Project

Interesting piece about providing some habitat restoration in the area of the photos I took as well as to the Sandy River, 15 miles West, where they intend to redirect the channel to a pre-1934 pathway….all this designed to improve habitat for salmon/steelhead in easily overlooked back waterways adjacent to the mighty Columbia River.