“Once, a long, long time ago, the sun dis­ap­peared from the sky. Every­thing was dark for many days. All the ani­mals went to search for the sun in the rivers and lakes, through the fields and forests, but the sun was nowhere to be found. Lit­tle by lit­tle all the ani­mals gave up, except for the faith­ful lizard.”

“Finally one day she found a strange glow­ing rock and dis­cov­ered the sun fast asleep. But no one could per­suade the sun to wake up. Then the emperor orga­nized a great feast, with the finest dancers and musi­cians, so the sun would wake up and never fall asleep again. Since that day, all lizards love to lie in the sun, to remem­ber the day when one of their own brought light and warmth back to the world.” (Children’s Literature: The Lizard and the Sun, Alma Flor Ada)