Hummingbird Feeder-Heated-SwittersB-Birds-Feeding-WinterIt is 40F degrees outside (4 Celsius) this morning and the hummingbirds are frequently feeding and teasing the housebound cats. You may recall my Arctic Blast hummingbird feeder rotation when it got down to 18 degrees in early February. Well yesterday, my wife and I came across this heated hummingbird feeder. The cord/bulb is removable for non-freezing temps. The feeder is reportedly heated via a small light bulb.

The time is almost past here in Western Oregon for freezing temps….I cannot believe I just said that. Ok, well big, all day freezes are almost past. But, this feeder holds promise for next year. It came in two sizes, we bought the smaller one. We discovered this one at a Home & Garden type show in Portland. 

Update 12/11/17: Bo may have passed away, But they are still in business, but running behind due to volume of orders. Still by check only, in the mail.

Here is where you can order the feeder!

Bo Bolen HB Feeder
Bo Bolen reached out to me and sent information re his development of this heated hummingbird feeder. Reach out to them and promote their product. More here