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Stairway to Obscured Views & Another Dimension

photography-old stairs-dirty stairs-SwittersB

For a good many decades, I felt I was pretty attuned to music. Even with the Heavy Metal/Thrash/Doom craze in the NW, I was able to turn away toward the old standbys and still felt connected. But, somewhere along the line, I lost track of the local music scene. Music became less important and finally oldies stations became the norm. Now, I might know a music venue, but certainly not whose playing any longer.

Photography-music posters-Portland-SwittersB-

That was evident today when I entered a pretty much empty tavern with PBR as the lead beer. The walls were papered with the same posters that seem to be nailed two inches thick on Portland telephone poles.

photoraphy-music posters-Portland-SwittersB

The windows looked out to concrete walls only inches away. Somehow the PBR, ice cold, tasted good. The barmaid with black hair and porcelain skin and black ink wasn’t typical Portland aloof. Maybe a good place for homework and lame questions.



Melt Away Please……………

photography-snow-winter-armchair-swittersbMelt away please the pains I have caused in life. Melt away the regrets, the lies, the deceit of leading too many lives. Take away, fall away, disappear from my psyche, from their memories my selfish ways. Sorry isn’t enough. Forgiveness. Love. Melt away and allow the new………………


Killing of entire Alaska wolf pack upsets National Park Service…And Me!

Absurd “sport”!?

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

Before admiring the “subsistence” lifestyle, think of wolves that the state of Alaska shoots from planes to provide “game” for their hunters… by Nick Provenza FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) — Alaska Fish…

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Effective Stillwater Fly Fishing (Michael Gorman)

photo-Effective Stillwater Fly Fishing-Gorman-SwittersBI pointed to this new book a few weeks back. I obtained a copy and it is an excellent book. Beyond the basics, the book pays attention to the mental planning and presentation for the Stillwater Fly Fisher. I highly recommend the book and of course it has inspired me to start my planning for the months ahead until I can launch the vessel and enjoy the chase. Effective Stillwater Fly Fishing


River Gages: Become Familiar With One Near You

Photo-Image-NOAA Gage Stations-NW USA-SwittersB

NOAA Gage Stations in Pacific NW

Whether you are planning a float trip, a fishing guide, a kayaker, a bank bound fisherman or a property owner monitoring a rising river, a river gage is an important piece of information. It may be a large measuring stick affixed to a bridge support that measures the rising waters or more sophisticated gages that measure height and CFS (Cubic Feet per Second). NOAA has such gages across the U.S. I am sure other countries have similar systems as a means of monitory flows. Become familiar with these systems for safety or whether a planned trip should be canceled due to projected blow outs of a river system.  A helpful suggestion: keep a journal or note somehow the fishable/floatable levels. Note when the river is blown out and note those levels. Note the historic floods and what is considered flood stage. Home Page NOAA. There are other excellent NW resources too: USGS Gages & Westfly


Let the ‘process’ work, for once!

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