Dont hate

Saw this decal/logo first @ Moldy Chum (fly fishing’s fun, provocative, bad boy, snarky side) and followed to the source at Nature Boy Designs. Truly reflective of our society today: having much in common, fly fishermen often turn upon each other in righteous indignation (purists vs. non-purists) or for you non-fly fishers it is a pure presentation of the fly to the fish vs. imitating non-insect forms (worms) or bugs beneath a “bobber” affair or strike indicator.

I know, I know you have to be more into it to get it. Suffice to say the contempt and resentment leads to borderline ‘hate’ so this decal is a reminder to fly fishers and people alike to break the cycle of hate. Break the cycle lead by those that marginalize, demonize, isolate, condemn. Recognize when your own righteous side uses the same tactics and call it out. Truth and commonality should prevail.