It is a noble effort when volunteers and government entities come together in a tireless, almost off the radar, effort to improve habitat for wildlife, to include my favorite…fish. This spot below, has had a great deal of work put into it for several decades, but especially in the last 15 years. Much of this small streams reformation has come with the idea of maybe, someday providing a safe passage for Salmon, Steelhead and Cutthroat Trout. Some sightings suggest the noses are pushing in the right direction, upstream into a habitat that has received a lot of wise attention over the years.

photography-stream-shade-crystal springs-portland-SwittersBOn a warm Summer’s day, this shady spot will be a welcome respite. This water, this holding water, is deep enough for Salmon and Trout to hold before moving upstream. The creek is spring fed and pours forth at a nice rate. Caddis danced about the surface of the water.

photography-fish ladder-Crystal Springs-Reed Lake-SwittersBFarther above, the top of the “fish ladder” in marked by this railing, metal work and grate over the narrow ladder shute. To the left are stairs stepping down some dozen or so stairs to make the fish ladder constructed in 2001. I wonder how many fish have made it beneath this grate into quieter waters? 

photography-fish ladder-fish-habitat-SwittersBThis area is in a refuge, closed to all fishing…a good thing.

Photography-stream-water-fish ladder-SwittersB