photography-tracks-Portland-SwittersBPortland (Oregon) is typical of many cities. The urban renewal planners strive to steer the populace toward sounder growth policies. Citizens strive to renovate the old, preserve the old and provide visual contrast to the eventual decay. Today, as I walked along the tracks on the inner Eastside of Portland, I noticed the efforts to beautify, rebuild, cover over portions. On one side of the tracks were sprawled out ‘homeless’ types basking in the sun after a cold night. On the other side of the tracks were the hipsters frequenting the breweries and trendy cafes. Such contrasts have always existed and always will in Portland and most larger towns.

Photography-Portland-Decay-bricks-SwittersBVery mild by other city’s blight, Portland is not hardcore impoverished or violent. It has its moments. But, Portland has its many positives too. Today, along the rails I found two that were worthy to record.

photography-art-warehouse walls-SwittersB-PortlandThe mural was a pleasant addition to the tagging and decay a few feet away.


Oh and nature’s effort, right beside the mural, finished off nicely to the stark contrast on the otherside of the tracks.