Yes, it is one of those posts. About pets you’ve never met. Either you don’t have pets and don’t care to or you have your own and the sun rises and sets on their furry backsides. Who cares about someone else’s? I know. But, I am always fascinated by the observations of our pets. Their dependency, their patterns and conditioning, their sense of humor, their tenacity, their internal alarm clocks and pack mentality…even cats and dogs combined, to get what they want (food!). And, dare I say it their ‘love’ or loyalty.

When anyone leaves the house, they become ever watchful to the sights and sounds that alert them that their ‘loved one’ is home. Their happiness to the return is often a raucous, tail wagging, floor rolling, jumping demonstration. Below are some fuzzy (or is it furry), quickly snapped images of the four pets waiting for the arrival home of my wife…they like her better I suspect.