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Old Bricks (How to Make Bricks) & Salvage Memories

I recall, in the mid-60’s, my parents agreed to tear down a two story, 24 unit apartment complex. It was a long project taking four months to complete. My Dad would work his full time job and then evenings and weekends were fully committed to tearing down the structure by hand. No heavy equipment. Hand tools and extension ladders were it. I was, of course, recruited to help.

My parents figured they would salvage as much of the materials as possible to resell them. So every salvageable board, pipe, wiring and bricks were saved and hauled home in the back of two 1949 Buick Roadmaster’s that had the rear seats removed. Day after day all this stuff was transported to my parents back yard.

My duties, beyond muscling the materials into and out of the car and carrying them to the back yard, were removing all nails from every board and stacking brick. I was tasked with using a hatchet to skim each brick clean of the mortar. My parents would sell each brick at 2¢. When I see a stack of bricks today, I recall my very sore hands as a youth.

The bricks, below, were near an old farm house built in the 1880’s. Someone started the salvage effort at one point.

Photography-Bricks-Old Pile-SwittersB

Making Bricks in the Old Days


More How To’s On Brick Making





Surreal Malls

Because of the economic decline in the U.S., shopping malls are closing and the photo expose is surreal and interesting. Regardless of one’s thoughts re retail, buy local, support small business, corporatism, capitalism, economics…the photo’s are unsettling for the future. Who will buy up the vacant land? Will this even be an opportunity for small businesses to fill the void? At any rate…look at the pics as an interesting pictorial study I guess.




Times Past, Bittersweet

“There are four kinds of people in the world, Ms. Harper. Those who build walls. Those who protect walls. Those that breach walls. And those who tear down walls. Much of life is discovering who you are. When you find out, you will realize there are places you can no longer go, things you can no longer do, words you can no longer say.”   P.S. Baber, Cassie Draws the Universe

“A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.” Frank Lloyd Wright

“Places draw us to them for reasons beyond the feeling derived from the five senses…some deeper recognition is at work, felt through a unextinguishable animal sensibility.” Peter Smithson

photography-brick-vines-broken window-old building-SwittersB

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