I went out this morning to do an inventory on fly tying materials, in what I thought was a fairly secure container. I haven’t tied that much in the last few months. So, I was a bit surprised to find a deceased mouse inside the container surrounded by a gooey mass of rubber legs used for fly tying. The mouse/mice had entered via a very small crack and had their way, until one of them had his fill of too much synthetics.

photography-mouse skeleton-SwittersB

photography-dead mouse skull spine-SwittersB

I found this kind of interesting from a photographic perspective and snapped a few shots. As I finished, I looked across the room and noticed Penny the Cat with a most displeased expression. I muttered, ‘Pretty cool huh Penny?’ (Yes I carry on conversations with all my pets, and they answer sometimes too).

Penny the Cat: ‘Whatever. Leave me alone in that garage and I could solve that problem.’