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Geese in Passing…….

What a beautiful Easter Day. Mid 60’s, no breeze, just pleasant sunshine and a touch of warmth. As I was standing outside, I heard the geese honking, coming toward me, low and slow. I had my phone in my hand, camera activated by chance, for something else, and the geese swooped toward me. As I raised the phone for a quick snap they banked away. I didn’t check then, as I recall thinking…’too fast, no chance’.

photography-geese formation-nature-SwittersBTurned out nicely given the moment, setting, movement and device.


Memaloose Island…Columbia River

photography-kelly muncy-memaloose-columbia riverMy son, Kelly, took this photo coming down the Columbia River this Winter. The East wind was raging above The Dalles, but atypically, further West at Memaloose Island the water was still. Beautiful angles, colors and historical.


Untilled Fields

“Awake! arise! the hour is late!  Angels are knocking at thy door!  They are in haste and cannot wait!  And once departed come no more.  Awake! arise! the athlete’s arm Loses its strength by too much rest;  The fallow land, the untilled  farm Produces only weeds at best.”       Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  


I most often take an image and find a meaningful poem, passage, quotation to pass along that enhances the image’s appeal. The plow in the field, overgrown and neglected, brought to my mind the passage of time, the changes within a family, the death of a farmer, the loss of will, the economics of farming, the history of what was.

So, I researched “untilled fields” for a meaningful passage. What I found was a stark, historical reference to tyranny, pagan/religious conflicts, death, spirits and fairies and beliefs melded into farmers in Scotland and Ireland that left land untilled for reasons in conflict with the monarchy, the church, the prevailing beliefs. Well, that was all too grim for my original inspiration…which to me is grim enough…the loss of local farms and family history. Still, as I do almost everyday, I learned something new. 


Happy Easter

Easter Bunny SwittersBThis poor, unappealing Easter Bunny sat forlorn, alone, neglected. The store was packed. Perhaps the shoppers prioritized their day, their life, for more important things…celebrating with family/friends. One could even hope there was a higher awareness beyond. 

I mean I like the Easter Bunny as much as the next kid, but this one was somehow off kilter.

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