A windy afternoon, a back road on the outskirts of a desert town you pass through in a hurry to somewhere else. The sun is lower and the old gate across the front of the abandoned building glows with rust and oxidized metal. Sand has drifted up against the foundation. Garbage is spread about out back. Old, hand painted signage suggests it was a motorcycle repair shop. But my eye was drawn to the old gate and the ornamentation.

photography--old security gate-desert-SwittersBAn interesting variety of metal work by a welder with a vision for variety. I am often not quite sure why something visually appeals to me. Contrasts? What was then/what is now? Past dreams and ambitions being overtaken by nature? A state of mind to fortify in a harsh, isolation? I just see it, feel it and attempt to capture it.

photography-SwittersB-old gate-metal work-desert