I don’t live down near Hwy. 62. Because I think I would barrage you with that scenery even more than I have this past few weeks. I love the Pacific NW, where I call home, but there is a powerful draw to the that other worldly area off Hwy 62 in California. Accommodate me a bit more.

Joshua Tree NPaCertainly the aerial imagery doesn’t do much for the location.

photography-rock formations-desert-Joshua Tree- SwittersB

At the ground level the terrain is a lot of browns, tans, a little green. But, if you carefully wander off you can find beautiful colors, wildlife, serenity and amazing visuals. Bring plenty of water, wear the right shoes and note that these rocks are highly abrasive so be careful of not just reptiles and thorns but trips, slips and falls on very rough surfaces.

Photography-Joshua Tree-Mojave Desert-Cactus BloomsThis concentration of color is not so common. You have to walk a a bit to find individual or clusters of such colors. That is not to say there is not beauty in the less colorful surroundings too.

photography-Mojave Desert-Joshua Tree-rusticI don’t know, some how that tangled, jumbled scene has beauty for me.