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Faces in the Wood

IMG_3635fAn old section of a cut round of wood found in overgrown shrubs and stacked cinder blocks. It has probably been setting there, tucked away, for decades. The wood has an odd weight to it, as if mummified or rubberized. The cracks in the wood section and the colors were interesting. I set it up on an old garbage can to photograph the textures and deeply etched lines. At first, I saw an aerial view of a harsh landscape with the tentacles of rivers and canyons. But, then I saw many little faces staring back at me. Mouths agape. Laughing, screaming. 

IMG_3641f1Perhaps, I was oxygen deprived or the salty sweat in my eyes caused this visual aberration. Nonetheless, my imagination got the best of me and I just plain saw little faces in that section of wood. Yesterday was unique for Portland. All day big, puffy clouds marched across the sky. I could go into all the images I saw in the clouds too? Fortunate for you I didn’t endlessly snap away at those imaginary creatures.

Chunk of wood, photography, SwittersB~



Dragon Fly Karma

“Like gravity, karma is so basic we often don’t even notice it.”  Sakyong Mipham

My long time, fly fishing, good luck creature is the Dragon Fly. We have bonded in odd ways over the years on the water. I recently completed some patio tile work complete with a Dragon Fly tile.

photogaphy-tile work-dragon fly tile-design-SwittersBSo imagine my delight, the other morning, when I stood before the new tile work and then looked right above it to witness a visiting Dragon Fly.

photogtaphy-macro-dragon fly-photography-close up-SwittersB~

photography-nature-dragon fly-macro-SwittersB

An underwater predatory beast…above water it has always possessed a positive karma for me. It was a nice visit. I climbed an step ladder some 9′ in the air and bobbed and swayed to stay steady while focusing. The images were taken and then my visitor glided away into the morning sun.

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