Interesting to see the below brain scan (MRI) images of person at rest and later after a twenty minute walk. The pleasure centers are glowing from the bout of exercise. I imagine this is equally true for various other forms of exercise (indoors and outdoors) that are extended enough to elevate the juices and provide that euphoric feeling post exertion.

brain scan, MRI, brain waves, exercise, rest, SwittersBAs I read this morning of 6 climbers swept to their deaths on Mt. Rainier, I am reminded to stick to ‘safer’ modes of exercise and celebrating the outdoors. Hiking, rowing, kicking, wading, walking, waving that rod are quite enjoyable to me. After many hours of that, I feel physically challenged and pleasantly fatigued…my MRI would be glowing too.

Photography-Macro-Lightning Bug-Calibaetis Nymph-SwittersB
Now I don’t exert much energy fly tying. Not everything has to be a physical challenge. But, the anticipation of presenting the morsel is preparatory to the outing.

Pre-planning, gear already organized and ready to stow in a car, truck, boat, pack is part of the enjoyment whether fly fishing, photography, hiking, backpacking, etc. Once you arrive and pull out the gear and set forth the pulse quickens and the challenges as they develop usually only enhance the entire experience. 

Trout-Kamloops Trout-Photography-Fly Fishing-Bucky-SwittersB
Caught & Released Kamloops Trout…caught on a Callibaetis Nymph pattern.

It is time for my yearly cautionary admonition…safety, risk management, preparations.

danger-collage-images-safety-SwittersBEvery year, I do this for myself as much as for SwittersB visitors: are you prepared for your outdoor excursions: fitness, hydration, maps, first aid, over night stay considerations, falls, tumbles, snakes/scorpions/yellow jackets/ticks, all the what if’s should at least be considered. Where is the nearest hospital? How would I request emergency assistance? Do I know where I am right now? Dead battery? Flat tires? Did I tell anyone where I was going? Risk avoidance & a little planning without over thinking it will enhance your outdoor experiences.

That out of the way, it is time to elevate that pleasure center and set those brain cells to humming!