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Bunches of Beauty

“What a lovely thing a rose is!… Our highest assurance of Providence seems to me to rest in the flowers. All other things, our powers, our desires, our food are all really necessary for our existence in the first instance. But this rose is an extra. Its smell and color are an embellishment of life, not a condition of it. It is only goodness which gives extras, and so I say again that we have much to hope from the flowers.”

Arthur Conan Doyle

Roses-Photography-Flowers-Gardening-Emma's Rose-SwittersBIt occurred to me today, to count how many roses I tend to. I counted 30 roses. I am not astute enough to know all their names. I know where they came from in my parent’s old garden or my aunt’s old garden. I have some how, over time, acquired a love for roses…and fuchsias, clematis and geraniums too. All of this the imprint of my Mother, Father and Aunt. So far, I don’t see it imprinting upon any of my children. In the mean time, I will be busy.


SwittersB’s 4000 Posts

swittersb 4000 postsFor what ever reason, this millennial bench mark feels right to celebrate or personally acknowledge. Not because, I am so darn special, but rather because the creative experience via this medium has been special in my life. Via some career opportunities and through beautiful relationships I have been, at times, able to use my self expressions to show my inner self.

However, the blogging (such a clunky word isn’t it?) experience has allowed me to explore, learn, share, create and enjoy so much in this crazy world. The wisdom, energy, heart, creative vibe of fellow photographers, writers, creators is a daily joy to behold. 

So the post before this one was my 4,000th post at SwittersB. Fly fishing, fly tying, photography, travel and life’s pathways have motivated me along the way to share my creative visions…some bright, some dark, some blurry, some spiritual. Thank you to those of you that are traveling along with me. 

May the visions, creative juices and good health be with us! May we learn more, love more and find inner peace. Thank you!


A State of Mind, A State of Being………..

From the Daily Mail/UK: 12 y/o Athena Orchard recently died from a cancerous tumor on her spine. After her death, the parents were tidying her room and moved a mirror leaning against the wall. On the back of the mirror they found a long list of positive phrases the young girl had posted to the backing of the mirror. 

A young girl, fighting or enduring cancer, the mind struggles and seeks positive input. She kept this secret for a later discovery for those left behind? Also, for her own passage through that ordeal? Today, for us? A state of mind, day by day, to make a choice about life, and perhaps death.

athena orchard's mirror


Little Black Nymph

Haste thee, Nymph, and bring with thee Jest and youthful Jollity, Quips and Cranks and Wonton Wiles, Nods and Becks and wreathed Smiles.” John Milton

“Reason is a supple nymph, and slippery life a trout by nature.” D.H. Lawrence

“The Mountain Nymph, sweet Liberty” John Milton

Macro-Photography-Fly Tying-Nymph-Dark-SwittersB

The fly is comprised of a size 14 nymph style hook, 8/0 black thread, Starling feather barbs for the tail, copper wire rib counter wound, black ostrich plume abdomen and thorax, black hen hackle fibers for  the wingcase and a Starling feather wound at front for legs. Very productive little fly in sizes 12-16.


The Way Out……….

stairway-photography-shadows-NW Portland-Noir-SwittersB

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