SwittersB-neglect-collage-photography-old building-rusticI have driven by this old structure…probably migrant worker’s living quarters in the day…countless times in the last 18 years. It sits on a back acreage of an old farm long since torn down. Today I noticed the always present tall grass was gone and the trees nearby had been pruned upwards just enough to reveal worn timbers and the sagging structure. I could see into the structure through the broken panes of glass. I parked and walked up to inspect the interior and to take a look at the old wood. When I moved around back, I was met by a hidden beauty…long neglected, never visible from the nearby road. Amidst the rot, overgrowth, chipped paint and broken window was a scrambled pink rose competing and winning against thieving grass, vines and weeds.

SwittersB-Rose-Old Window-Neglect-Rural

“Sowing is not as difficult as reaping.”   Goethe