Imagination Disconnected……….

How and when did my imagination get unplugged, locked away? Oh, I understand the elementary explanations of the transition from child to adult, from carefree to inundated/saturated/inculcated. But, really no residual moments for fanciful imagination? Do you remember playing with cars, planes, guns, dolls, rigged up costumes, baubles and cast offs and being able to create vast imaginary settings all day long?

The other day my four year old grandson wanted me to play with him. This entailed the yard, hiding places, my body and my imagination. And, as children with imagination do, he started instructing me how to play the game, where to stand and how to make believe. He coached me on approaching a certain spot in the yard and crouching down, to avoid the ‘monster’. My mind faltered.

All this was in his imagination and to him was easily transferable to me. I remember a group of kids quickly relaying instructions to play an imaginary game and within moments everyone was flitting about in some imaginary world seemingly in synch. Such a sad thing to lose, but inventors or writers or visionaries must have some form of imagination? Alas, this man doesn’t have much anymore. When one says “left to your imagination” I’m one that needs the tangible…in my hands, before my eye type. What a shame that life’s routines, bumps, falls, crashes, fears have combined to compartmentalize the mind and somehow hidden imagination….at least for me. Playing with grandchildren is demanding upon the mind, exhausting. Why is that? Perhaps because they are knocking on a door that has been padlocked for awhile. Now where did I put that key?

big clouds-photography-SwittersBDo you remember laying on the lawn, looking up toward big, puffy clouds and ‘seeing’ creatures in the clouds? Now, when I look at big clouds I am struck by senses or feelings and less so imagined thoughts.


4 Responses to “Imagination Disconnected……….”

  1. 1 craig
    June 14, 2014 at 17:12

    I don’t think imaginational atrophy is a result of maturation.

    you obviously haven’t lost it. perhaps a perceived diminution is what you are experiencing.

    consider your imagination as dehydrated and just needing reconstitution.

    so find something to water it and imagine.


    • June 14, 2014 at 17:38

      Ok that is about enough! If you aren’t already, you need to start some site/blog/guru outpost for the perceptually challenged! You are too clever to steer from the port or starboard side!!! 🙂 Thanks


      • 3 craig
        June 15, 2014 at 06:40

        probably never going to happen.

        my family has produced several generations of physical and intellectual ambidexterity, combined with a notable lack of drive and ambition.

        creativity and imagination can be as much a liability as a gift. especially when paired to a slightly twisted view of the world. I know from experience that my take has a very limited appeal.

        so i’m content to be an old, fat guy that reads your blog.


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