I received this radio, a Scott 800B AM-FM radio with phonograph, from my dear, departed Aunt. It was built in 1947, and for the times was considered a real luxury. Such were the tastes of my Uncle/Aunt. Influenced by 1930’s California, they moved to Oregon and if they couldn’t find it locally they somehow researched and had it shipped to them. Their tastes were much different than my parent’s, who on one income scraped by. To visit my Uncle and Aunt, was always a trip to the then exotic. Palm tree designs, desert themes, western themes, tropical designs and that look that was not bargain basement.

Phono-Photography-SwittersB-Vintage-Post WarThe radio works and there was one record on the phonograph, “Mexicali Rose” by Wayne King & Orchestra (1941) which sounded perfect from the old, single speaker. Vintage now, fancy in the day.

old record-phonograph-vintage-Wayen King