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Crane Your Neck…..



photography: staging and distractions

clouds-road-sunshine-nature-photography-SwittersBI have this quirk: I try to avoid power lines, light poles, and such when staging a shot. There are times I will crop a shot to escape the lines, poles and signs of mankind. I don’t often do people, street life, urban chaos etc. I have considered doing more urban stuff but short of abandoned buildings, decay and such, I just don’t relate that often to what I see around me. Nature beckons, gardens beckon, mountains, trees, rivers and lakes. Throw a person into that mix and I struggle to feel it….unless it is someone I know.


Here my son, Tony, was fishing for Chinook this weekend. He hooked into a 10′ sturgeon. He is the focus here.

Sometimes the intrusion of people and things fly in the face of the overall scene.



Work Ethic………

Men are made stronger on realization that the helping hand they need is at the end of their own arm. ~Sidney J. Phillips

“The difference between a vision and a daydream is the audacity to act and faith to get started”.            ~Steven Furtick

Listen, if someday you’re going to tell someone to dig a ditch, you should know how to do it yourself. ~Donald Trump

Right now, I am fed up with the takers, the posers, the leeches. The people I have known in my life, the men and women, have known how to get dirty, work through pain, and give a helping hand to others in need. If you can’t get dirty, are a whiner, a taker….well I will spare you the directives. 

Tony Muncy-digging-work-son-photography-SwittersB

My son, Tony, today fixing a broken water line.


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